General rules

Note all principles and procedures Delkhah food site It is in accordance with the laws of the I.R.Iran, the law of electronic commerce and the law of protection of consumer rights, and subsequently the user is also obliged to comply with the laws related to the user. If it is in the rules, procedures and services Delkhah food site Any future changes will be posted and updated on this page and you agree that your continued use of the site constitutes acceptance of any changes.

Definition of customer or user

A customer or user is a person who registers an order or uses any site services with her user information entered in the registration form.

Terms and conditions of purchase

In the case of a credit purchase (using a discount code or voucher) after the finalization of the basket, it is not legally possible to change the shopping basket and change the invoice amount due to the reasons of canceling the purchase, removing or changing the product or the number of products, and if the customer If the request has any changes, the voucher or discount code will be invalid and it is not possible to return the amount.

If the store announces a discount on the condition of purchasing up to a certain limit, the limit of the purchase amount must be observed in order to use the voucher. will be destroyed.

Privacy policies

Delkhah food website You respect and protect the private information of people who use the site’s servicesد.
Therefore, it undertakes to protect your privacy to the best of its ability and in this regard, to develop the technology required to make your use of the site more secure and safe. In fact, by using our site, you show your satisfaction with this policy.

All content available through any of our services, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images and Downloadable and copyable items, data and all content produced by Delkhah food site It is considered part of our property. And the right to use and publish all existing and available content is exclusive Delkhah food site
Any use without written permission reserves the right of prosecution for the store. In addition, scripts, and names of services that can be provided through any of the services created by scripts and registered trademarks are also the property of this website, and any use for commercial purposes is prosecuted.

Users are authorized to exploit and use the list of products, prices and any use of derivatives of the store’s website or any of the services or content, downloading or copying information for commercial purposes, any use of data mining, robots, or similar methods such as data collection and extraction tools are not, and all such rights are expressly reserved for Delkhah food websiteIt is reserved.
In case of using any of the store’s services, users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password, and all the activities that are carried out under the user account or password are the responsibility of the users. If the user is under 18 years of age, they must inform their parents or legal guardians before making purchases and payments.