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History of the Company

Healthy food, healthy life

The founder of the company : Mr. Hossein Shiri

Kimia Asal Sepahan Company, with a history of nearly 44 years, was established in 1979 by Mr. Hossein Shiri with a wealth of previous experience in the production of sweets and agricultural products, specialized in the field of bee breeding and natural honey production. With a lot of effort, he developed this industry in Iran and trained specialists and subsequently produced natural and organic honey from Iran's natural areas. Since 1995, this company has gradually installed new production and packaging systems for new products such as Syrup and extracts of dates, grapes and pomegranates, as well as fruit jams, tomato paste, canned fish, pickles, lemon juice, etc. He made his products under the name of his "DELKHAH" brand.

CEO Mr. Abbas Shiri
Delkhah Food Industries with a brilliant history is always trying to provide quality products, natural, free of harmful chemical substances and in the form of new packaging for all respected consumers, who we hope will successfully achieve their goals in this field.
Delkhah is a lover of health and with your happy moments.
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Healthy food, healthy life; with delkhah products

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